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We propose to use this page to bring to your attention current issues concerning the rights of way network in or near our territory. If you come across any problems on the routes it will be helpful if you report the details to us at aldevalleyramblers@gmail.com


TEMPORARY PATH CLOSURES - Details of current closures can be found on the County Council's list to which there is a link on the following page of its website: 

Temporary closures



Here in the east of Suffolk, we are relatively fortunate in having a largely well-maintained and signed network of footpaths, bridleways and byways to use for our walking.

However, problems do arise - some difficult or long term, others easily dealt with.  Our footpaths committee is very interested to learn of any problems that you do encounter.  We may already now about them but that does not matter - please tell us what you find.  We are aiming soon to list all known serious problems in our territory on our website to help you plan your walks.  It is also important that you report problems to the County Council.  This is easy to do.  Just get on-line and go to: 


Fill in the report form there and submit it.  It will ask you for the path number if known.  Don't worry if you don't know this as long as you can give an Ordnance Survey grid reference.  But for those interested, a new way of finding out the path number has recently become available.  You will need first to have GoogleEarth loaded on your computer.  Go to the ROWMAPS site:


Then click on the link to "augmented KML file for Suffolk".  After a few seconds, you will see the entire Suffolk rights of way network overlaid onto GoogleEarth.  Zoom in to the place you want and then by clicking on to any path, you will find its full reference number in this form: SK|E-103|013/1

The first bit is Suffolk/east.  Next is the parish number (103 is Aldeburgh), then the path number and last the status of the path (1 = footpath (red), 2 = restricted byway (green), 3 = bridleway (mauve), 4 = byway open to all traffic (blue)).  Some of the status figures have not been entered and may show a zero.  However, the path's status accords with its colour, as indicated above.

Please tell us about the problems you find by e mailing:




We are pleased to say that most of our ideas are supported by the SCC Rights of Way team.



Aldringham Footpath 5 (a small proposed diversion near Church Farm and the Ogilvie Almshouses).  The Order has been confirmed and the new route is walkable.


Aldringham Footpath 41 - We have been consulted about a minor diversion around the new storage building of the Thorpeness Golf Course.  The definitive line goes through the building.  Whilst an objection to the application would stand little chance of success, it does give us an opportunity to urge that the remainder of that path be brought into a usable condition.  Currently it runs across a fairway and is obstructed by gorse and other bushes.  Whenever way marks are put up near the Mere, they disappear very quickly.  We have madeappropriate representations.


Framlingham FPs 1, 83 and 84 - A revised planning application has gone in for this large housing development at Mount Pleasant Farm.  We have lodged a response pointing out that the paths on the ground do not follow the definite line and that this should be regulated.  SCC have told us that s.106 moneys have been sought  to improve the ROW network in the area.


Friston footpaths 15, 17, 18, 20 and Knodishall 6 (all now in Knodishall) - (proposed diversions around Fristonmoor Farm and High House Farm.)  We were consulted in January 2014 about this proposal which which would make changes more in line with what is available on the ground.  We await the making of an Order.


Hacheston Bridleway 17/Footpath 9 - (small diversion on north side of B1078 at Lower Hacheston). An Order was made in February 2012 but has only just been confirmed.


Hollesley - Lower Hollesley Common - The Planning Inspectorate gave Consent for the fencing work in March.  The consent requires that the fencing be set back from the bridleway by some 10 metres.  We had asked for 15 metres on either side.


Orford FP 6 - We were consulted in June about a minor diversion of this path around the curtilage of a house and responded that we would not object subject to signage and surfacing etc.  The Order has been made and we await its confirmation.


Parham FP 19 - An Order diverting this path around a new house was recently confirmed.  We did not object.


Rendlesham - Bentwaters Park - Revised documentation was submitted in February.  Decision still awaited..


Saxmundham FP 13 - (new housing state).  The Order was confirmed on 5 August.  The diversion will come into force when SCDC has confirmed the new route has been laid out to its reasonable satisfaction.


Saxtead Footpath 10 (a proposal to divert the footpath that runs through a garden so that it meets the A1120 at a safer point).  The working party did a survey there this year and met the landowner.  We indicated we would not object subject to the usual provisos.  The Order was confirmed in July 2015.


Sudbourne Footpath 39 - (a diversion at Ferry Road which avoids walking through some gated paddocks).  The Order was confirmed on 23 July 2014.


Yoxford FP 20 - A planning application was made to relax a condition prohibiting vehicular access via Love Lane.  We made representations and the application was recently refused.


Information about current restrictions on paths can be viewed on the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths website:



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