Work we have carried out


On Friday 8th December, on a bright but blowy morning Nigel, David Jim and Graham (4) did a survey along Aldeburgh sea wall and round past the old brickworks jetty for the Coastal Access scheme.

On Thursday 23rd November Jim, Nigel Brian and Graham (4) did clearance work at Snape, on the cul-de-sac path to our new bench.  The path is now quite well used, and with us widening the narrow sections, it should remain easily usable for next year.

On Thursday 9th November Nigel, Jim, David and Brian (4) undertook some heavier clearance work on the footpath south of Aldringham common (Aldringham Footpath 55), that we opened up a few years ago.  The path had clearly been used more this year and was still just passable, but we have now made it a comfortable path to walk along.

On Thursday 19th October David and Graham, and later Paddy (3) did a similar survey of public rights of way in the Cookley area, north of Walpole village. This involved re-setting a couple of waymarker posts, adding extra arrows and clearinga around signs, bridges and hedge gaps.  They were also some missing roadside posts, which have been reported to SCC online.

On Thursday 5th October Jim and Brian L. (2) did a survey and clearance work on public rights of way in the area south of Sibton.  They also cleared around signs, and added some new waymarker arrows.  This is typical of the sort of useful work that Ramblers can do at this time of year, either on their own or in small groups

On Tuesday 5th September, Nigel, Paddy, David, Jim, Graham, Ken and Brian (7) did the rustic bench building at Snape, on the cul-de-sac path we cleared this winter.   Do walk down there and try it out.

On Thursday 24th August, Jim, Graham, Ken and Nigel (4) did step building at Benhall, cancelled from June. The Westleton steps are now to be done by a SCC contractor.

On Thursday 3rd August, Nigel, Ken, David, Graham and Dave (5) did a thorough survey of waymarking around Tunstall Common and the Forest Viking Trail.  All the new posts were still on site, but some of the older ones were getting a bit tatty, and we tidied round and added new arrows where necessary.

Monday 10th July: The planned survey of waymarking around Tunstall Common and the Forest Viking Trail was called-off because of heavy rain and storms. This has been re-scheduled for 3 August.

On Thursday 8th June David and Nigel (2) did a Coastal access survey in Orford area. A lovely summer evening with magnificent views and loads of wildlife, especially hares.

Wednesday 24th May, working party CANCELLED due to extreme wet weather.

On Thursday 4th May David, Jim, Graham, Nigel and Paddy (5) did more waymarking around Brampton and Redisham, we again found 4 posts out of the ground on site and reset them, adding new waymark arrows, and also put in 4 new posts where none could be found.

On Friday 21st April Ken, Graham, Paddy, Nigel, Jim and David (6) did some waymarking around Sternfield area, putting in 6 new posts and resetting 4 posts found on site.

On Saturday 25th March, Nigel, Jim and David (3) did more Coastal Path Survey from north side of Snape bridge.  The Summer working party planning meeting followed at Glemham Lion at 12.15

On Friday 17th March, Nigel, Ken, Paddy and Graham (4) set about building the larger set of steps near Badingham.  Fortunately, despite the poor turn out, the weather remained fine, and the ground was still soft enough that the digging was not excessively difficult, and so we still managed to complete the job in 3 hours.  Well done team.

Monday 27 February - The Coastal Path Survey of Orford Section was postponed and will be re-arranged for the Summer programme.

Saturday 18th February David, Jim and Nigel (3) built the small set of steps near to Fisks Farm at Badingham.



On Saturday 10th December Nigel and Ken (2) continued with the coastal path survey from Iken marshes round to the old Ferry Point opposite Aldeburgh sailing club.

On Monday 28 November Paddy, Nigel, Jim and David (4) did heavy clearing at south end of FP18 in Snape.  This path is now completely open right down to the end, and there are magnificent views across the estuary for much of the way.

On Saturday 12 November the planned step building in Badingham had to be abandoned due to torrential rain.

On Saturday 15 October Ken, David, Jim and Nigel (4) continued along the next section from Iken.

On Friday 30 September   Graham, Ken and Nigel (3) started the next section of coastal access path surveying from Snape bridge southwards towards Iken.

On Thursday 4th August   Graham, David, Jim, Ken, Mike and Nigel (6) did major clearance on footpaths to the south of Snape Warren.  The path is now open down to the river wall, but needs more work to clear through the last tree grove and open up the route to the very end on the next bit of sea wall.  This will be an autumn project.

On Monday 11th July David H, Paddy, Nigel and Jim were joined by new member Ken (5) and did more waymarking north of Peasenhall, and have now completed the work in that area.

On Thursday 23rd June the working party had to be abandoned due to heavy rain and saturated ground.  The planned task will now take place on 30 August.                                                                                                                                                  

On Friday 3 June Nigel, Graham H., Jim, Neil, David H., Mike and Paddy (7) sorted out waymarking in the area to the west of the roman road in Heveningham.  We met up with two of the landowners and agreed 8 locations for new posts and added arrows onto a telegraph post at the ninth location.  We also did some light clearance work round a few hedge gaps and sleeper bridges, a successful and satisfying evenings work.

On Thursday 12 May David H, Paddy and Neil (3) were joined by Annette from SCC RoW to do emergency boardwalk repairs on the path from fiveways to Walberswick.  We replaced 9 deck boards, 2 support braces and tacked down sections of loose wire netting.  The whole thing is due to be replaced next winter, so this was just a holding operation for the summer.

On Tuesday 19 April, despite being a warm evening, only Nigel and David H (2) turned out.  We managed to put in 4 new waymarker posts where they had gone missing or had rotted off, and reset one we found out of the ground, north east of Framlingham. 

On Saturday 20 February, Jim, David H, Mike, Nigel and Graham H succeeded in clearing a completely overgrown path near Theberton.  On a warm dry winters morning, we managed to open up about 80 metres of impenetrable overgrowth from its start of the path at the roadside allowing access to the rest of Middleton footpath  21 near Hawthorn Farm

On Saturdays 9 and 23 January we carried out further investigative surveys for the National Coastal Trail in the Sizewell and Thorpeness stretch.


On Saturday 28 November Graham H, David E, Jim and Nigel (4) did more coastal access surveying around the Dunwich area.

On Saturday 14 November Jim, Paddy and Nigel (3) did coastal access surveying around the Walberswick area, we were joined by Pat from Waveney area

On Saturday 31 October Paddy, David E, David H, Graham H, Jim and Nigel (6) spent a fine morning clearing side growth and overhang from a number of paths around Aldringham common.

On Tuesday 15 September Nigel, David E, Jim, Mike, David H and Graham H (6) did some clearing and waymarking repairs in Bredfield, in the area to west of church. A good session, which included erecting 7 new posts and 2 major sleeper bridge clearing jobs.

Monday 24 August.  We were planning do some more clearing in Aldringham but cancelled because of the wet weather. 


Thursday 6th August. On a fine summer evening Nigel, Jim, Neil and Graham H. (4) did light clearance work and improved waymarking south east of Saxmundham in the Sternfield area.

Saturday 11th July - Nigel, Jim and David H (3) did a survey of the Bromeswell area, golf course and open access land.  We found most paths to be clear, well used and waymarked, with only a few spot clearances being required.  There were however alignment queries on three of the routes across the golf course, which have been reported to SCC.

On Saturday 20th June, Paddy, Nigel, David H, David E, Graham H and Graham B (6) did a survey in the area north of Cookley. We found most paths to be good, well signed, with all crossfield paths marked out, and we only found two waymarker posts missing. We were pleased to find that the steps and path levelling work we did ten years ago is still holding up, although we did need to do quite a lot of clearing work. Two dead trees across one section have been reported to SCC, as they were too large for us to remove, but the path was still usable by climbing over them. So no paths were impassable this time.


On Monday 1st June. Nigel, David E, Jim, David H, Neil and Paddy (6) set out to do clearance and waymarking north east of Framingham. Unfortunately the advent of strong winds and rain curtailed the session, and we only got half the planned work done. The paths encountered were all good, and we found a splendid new 6.8m bridge en route, before retiring to the Station Hotel to recuperate.n

Friday 15th May, despite a poor turnout on a pleasant evening, Nigel, Chris and Niel (3) did some sterling work just south of Earl Soham. We found several good and quite well used paths, cleared a clue of dead trees and some overhanging branches, reset 2 waymarker posts, and installed 5 new ones. We were very pleased to note that all the crossfield paths we came across had been well cleared.


On Saturday 18th April Jim, David H, Mike, Nigel Paddy and Richard (6) installed and repaired 8 waymarker posts south of Yoxford. This was followed by the summer planning meeting at Glemham Lion.

On Saturday 21st March. Nigel, David H, Jim, Mike, Graham H, Chris and Albert (7) did clearance work on several paths around the Snape end of Sailors Path, and on the open access land near to Snape Warren. We were pleased to find all the paths to be quite well used and most much clearer than on previous visits, and so we're able to cover all the paths in the area.

On Saturday 8 March, Graham H, Chris, Paddy, Nigel, David E, David H, Jim, Neil and Richard (9) carried out a thorough survey of the bridleway route across Sudbourne Marshes.  There were enjough of us to split up and look at the river wall path and several other possible access routes as well.  We managed to find the correct route and were able to walk most of it, with only one ditch being completely impassable.  We have put in a full report to SCC together with some suggestions for improvements and alternative routes.
On Saturday 21st February  David H, Graham H, Jim, David E, and Nigel (5) did a survey of paths around the Low Grange Farm area northwest of Peasenhall.  We found no real problems, most paths were walkable and appeared to be well used.  Some bridges and hedge gaps needed clearing, which we did whilst on site. Also we found 3 waymarker posts lying on the ground, which we temporarily propped up in situ, and quite a number of places where posts were missing completely. So we will probably have a  summer evening working party back in the same area, installing new waymarker posts.


Saturday 12 December 2014 - On a frosty winter morning, Nigel, Jim and Neil (3) erected 5 replacement waymarker posts in the area south and west of Benhall Church.

Saturday 29th November - On a sunny autumn morning, Nigel, Chris, Jim, Dot, David, Albert, Richard, Paddy and new member of the group Graham H. (9) met at the Sailors path.  We all did clearing of side growth and overhang from the eastern end car park up to the boardwalk, this being the worst section.  Then we split into 2 groups, one group going back and checking the new roadside section by the golf course, which did need some overhanging branches to be removed, they then drove to the western end to meet up with the second group at the Golden Lion.  The other group had continued for the whole length of the path to check any problems along the western end, so the entire path is now well clear for walkers.

On Saturday 1st November, a lovely warm dry morning, Nigel, Paddy, Richard and Jim (4) did clearance of side growth and overhang on Aldringham common, mainly by the course of the old railway line. 

On Saturday 4th October  Nigel, Richard and Paddy (3) did a survey around Benhall church area following reports of missing and rotten waymarker posts.  We found most paths to be in good condition with crossfield generally marked or staked.  We identified 5 locations where new posts are needed, and these will be done on one of our winter working parties.

On Thursday 11th September  Nigel, Chris, David, Jim, Neil and Paddy (6) returned to Goodwyns Farm area (Peasunhall) to check on obstructions reported 2 years ago.  We were extremely disappointed to find that nothing had been done since our report 2 years ago, and indeed the situation has become worse with more new fences and overgrowth. We have put in a further detailed report and complaint to SCC, and will be following this up.

On Wednesday 20th August  Nigel, Chris, Paddy, Jim & Neil (5) returned to the Yoxford area to check up on the poor stiles and obstructions reported to SCC last year.  We were extremely disappointed to find that nothing had been done, and the situation has deteriorated even more.  We have a again put in a detailed report, logged new problems and offered to do work during the winter. 

On Friday 1st August,  Jim, Neil, David and Nigel (4) did some clearing of sidegrowth from paths around the Nettle Hill area along the river side near Sutton.  We were pleased to find the new, second set, of steps now in place, and both sets of steps in good condition. This is probably the least overgrown they have been for several years,  We also found 3 waymarker posts that we reset for now, and have been reported to SCC for replacement.

On Thursday 10th July  Chris, Nigel and David (3) managed to dodge the rain and did some more waymarking on Aldringham golf course.   We put in 5 new ones, reset another and replaced lots of arrows.  There is probably scope to come back again next year.

On Tuesday 16th of June, 6 people (David, Paddy, Neil, Jim, Nigel and Graham) built some steps on a slope at Cookley footpath 7.  Despite the warm evening and dry ground we acheived what we set out to do, and also had time to do some major clearance down the side of an overgrown hedge at the start of this path.

On Tuesday 27th May, the planned survey of permissive access routes around the Great Glemham area had to be abandoned due to torrential rain.  We will now postpone this survey until the autumn, including it in the early part of our next winter programme.

On Wednesday 30th April  Nigel, Chris, David and Jim (4) returned to the Heveningham area to finish off the waymarking and clearing that was rained off in the winter.  On a pleasant sunny evening we erected 5 new replacement waymarker posts, reset 2 others, cleared 4 sleeper bridges and several hedge gaps, cut some earth steps in a bank, and removed a redundant stile.  All the planned work in that area has now been completed.

On Sunday 30th March on a warm sunny spring morning Chris  Nigel  Jim  David  Paddy  Richard Graham and Neil (8) did a substantial amount of waymarking and clearing in Saxtead and west of Framlingham, finishing off all the work planned for that area.

On Saturday 1st March  Nigel Anne Paddy David Jim and Neil (6) commenced some waymarking and clearing in Heveningham area, but unfortunately got rained off about half way through.  We discovered a very pleasant café open in Peasenhall at Emmett’s shop.  The rest of the work in Heveningham will be put on the summer evening programme. 

On Sunday 2nd February 2014   Richard  Nigel  Chris  Jim  Mike  David  Paddy & Neil (8) conducted a full survey of 2 new large permissive access areas near Bramfield, Brights Farm and Earlsway Farm, which will be open until 2020.  We were pleased to find all paths open, in good condition and well signed.  There were however some mistakes on the maps, and a full report has been sent to Natural England, together with some suggestions for better promotion of these sites.

The working party on Saturday 4th January 2014 was called off due to torrential rain.


Sunday 8 December 2013 - Six members of the Alde Valley Ramblers Working Party Group conducted a survey of A12 crossings on the Saxmundham by-pass.  This was a follow up to the 2004 survey, and a response to the increasing number of new houses on the west side of Saxmundham.  A further survey on 4 January 2014 was postponed because of bad weather.

On Saturday 23rd November  Nigel, Chris, Richard, David, Neil, Jim and Mike (7) spent a sunny autumn morning doing a complete survey of paths all around Sizewell, starting from the Kenton Hills car park and going right round to Leiston Common.  We were pleased to find that all the rights of way, the Sandlings walk and all the permissive paths were still open and useable.  We did some local clearing around bridges and gateways, but nothing major is required at the present other than the removal of some large fallen trees on Goose Hill, which we will leave to the professionals.  These are mostly conifers, and a lot more of these in the area will be removed if Sizewell C goes ahead, but the rest of the woodland is planned to remain untouched.  We will continue to monitor the whole area closely if and when plans for Sizewell C progress.On Wednesday 18th September   Nigel, Chris and Jim (3) returned to the Badingham Wood Farm area to do more waymarking and clearing.  We re-erected 2 posts that we found dug out, and installed 3 new ones where SCC had asked us to.  All the paths are now passable, but some are still quite badly overgrown, and so we cleared a few key points.  There remains one main obstruction where a ditch had been dug across a path last winter, which still only has a temporary crossing, and we have re-reported this problem to SCC.

On Tuesday 27th August  Nigel, Jim, Chris, David and Nigel (5) made a return visit to Aldringham golf course area to do more waymarking on the south side of the road.  We also spent a lot of time clearing the path which we opened up 2 years ago along the south east side of the open access land, as this is not on the RSPBs cutting programme.

On Thursday 8th August  Nigel, David, Graham, Richard and Jim (5) did a lot of clearing and some waymarking around the Heveningham area.  There are quite a few lower priority paths around here which get less use and are not on the cutting schedules, so need substantial clearance work around sleeper bridges and hedge gaps.

On Monday 15th July, Nigel, Jim, Neil, Graham and David (5) made a return visit to the Blythburgh-Walberswick boardwalk to replace some of the rotten boards, splint 5 damaged sections of boardwalk supports and lay some new surface wire-netting.  We also cleared the rest of the boardwalk from debris, and marked some other sections of damaged netting ready for replacement by SCC volunteers later this year.

On Wednesday 26th June, Nigel, Chris, Jim, Neil and Richard (5) did some clearing of hedge gaps and around sleeper bridges in the area north of Saxtead church.  We also re-set or replaced the waymarker posts where necessary.  It was agreed that there is plenty of scope to go back to the same meeting place in the Autumn and perform similar tasks on paths to the south of Saxtead Church.

On Thursday 6th June Nigel, Chris, Richard, Maurice, David and Neil (6) went to Walberswick boardwalk to clear side growth and overhang from the boardwalk. We identified several problems, for our next visit in July.

Monday 20th May - Nigel, Chris, Jim, Richard, Neil, Paddy, Maurice and David (8) had our first evening session, waymarking on Aldringham golf course area. 

27th April 2013, 4 members (Nigel, David, Maurice, Jim) walked the paths east and north of Farnham.  We were pleased to find no serious problems, all paths were fairly easy to use, although we did need to cut back some hedge gaps, and around some signs.  We also replaced a few poor waymarker arrows.  We have detailed the items that we found and made appropriate reports to the County Council.

Saturday 16 March 2013 - Paddy, Richard, David and Jim (4) managed to avoid the worst of the rain and in a shortened session surveyed the paths to the south of Benhall Green.  No serious problems were found.

Saturday 2nd March 2013:   Paddy, Nigel, David, Jim, Maurice, Neil and Mike (7)  did sterling work clearing lots of gorse and brambles back from 2 large sections of footpath on Aldringham Common to the south of the Aldringham Thorpeness road, keeping us all warm on a cold morning.  We also identified a number of locations where  waymarker posts need replacing or renewing, so we will probably add this location for a summer evening waymarking session.

Saturday, 2nd February 2013, 5 members of the group (Nigel, Jim, Graham, David and Neil) re-visited the big problem area around Wood Farm, part of Badingham, where paths have been persistently blocked for many years about which we had put in a detailed problem report to SCC on 7th September 2011. We were pleased to see some improvements, a missing bridge had been installed, a lot of the electric fencing had been removed and most headlands were just about wide enough to use, although very overgrown. However nearly all the waymarking had been removed, no cross field paths had been re-instated and the main route has recently been obstructed by a major ditch. We have detailed the items that need attention and reported them to SCC Rights of Way Office.

Saturday 5th January 2013 : Maurice, Nigel, Paddy, Graham, Jim and Neil (6) carried out a survey of the linear walks parallel to the A12 between Yoxford and Kelsale. On a bright crisp morning we carried out quite a lot of localised clearing by stiles, gates, bridges and signs. We also noted quite a number of waymarker posts that were rotten or missing. We have reported these to SCC and have offered to replace them on one of our summer evening working parties. We have also reported 3 sections of crossfield path that had not been re-instated yet, and have lodged an authorisation query about some new gates we came across.


Saturday 1st December 2012 : Nigel, Neil and Graham (3) managed to get all the work done at Cratfield on a clear crisp morning. We got back to the vehicles at twenty to twelve, just in time to beat the rain ! We cleared round the 3 bridges, replaced or reset all the waymarks, and cut some new earth steps in the bank by the sleeper bridge, as proposed last year.

Saturday 3rd November 2012 : Nigel, Maurice, Richard, Jim, David, Paddy and Mike (7) did some heavy clearing on the path going westwards from Fen Cottages in Aldringham, and added 2 waymarker posts. This is the very muddy stretch just beyond the existing boardwalk, and now we have cleared it SCC plans to put some material down on the path to raise and harden it.

On Monday 3 September, David, Nigel an Graham (3) conducted a survey around Goodwins Farm area (Sibton). There are 7 footpaths in the area that have become impassable from overgrowth, new padlocked gates, sign and stile removal etc. We have put in a full report to SCC, and will return there next spring to see how things are progressing.

On Tuesday 21st August Nigel, Neil, Jim and Paddy (4) managed to install new set of 7 steps on the very steep slope at the end of the footpath to the south of Grundisburgh village, despite the heat and hard ground! See pictures.

On Wednesday 11th July Chris, Nigel, David, Jim & Paddy (5) made waymarking improvements and did some light clearing on Tunstall Common.

On a sunny Monday 18th June Maurice, Jim, Nigel, Neil and Richard (5) met at Iken picnic site. We did mainly waymarking improvements to south of picnic area, and some clearing along river path.

On Thursday 31st May we had to abandon the job of clearing round 2 bridges and improving steps to both of them, on paths 18 and 19 in Cratfield, this will be put back on the programme in the Autumn.

On Wednesday 9th May, Graham, Nigel, Richard, David, Neil and Paddy (6) did some light clearing and waymarking repairs, plus installed 4 new posts, around the Knodishall Common area. We managed to finish a bit early and just made it to the Parrot before the rain.!

On Monday 16th April, Jim, David, Nigel, Karen, Richard, Paddy, Maurice and Chris (8) spent a sunny evening repairing and resetting existing waymarkers and installing some new posts in the area around North Green Parham and Great Glemham (although 2 left early). Most went to Rendham White Horse afterwards, one of the few pubs open on a Monday evening, and we discussed the lack of usable pubs in the area and Saxmundham !

On Saturday 17th March 2012 Nigel, David, Jim, Richard, Mike and Neil (6) did a survey round the southern side of Campsey Ashe, with some light clearing and addition of waymarker arrows. No real problems were found in this area.

On Sunday 19th February Richard, Jim, Nigel, Neil and Maurice (5) did a survey and some light clearing around the Blaxhall and Tunstall common area. We also found a number of places where waymarking has disappeared, and so we plan to go back there one summer evening to replace and refresh waymarking.

On Saturday 7th January 2012 Nigel, Jim, Karen, Richard, Maurice, Neil and Paddy (7) cleared some small sections of path though Dodd’s Wood in Benhall. We also reset several waymarker posts and erected 5 new ones to help clarify routes. We have subsequently received a thank you for this work and a complement from local walkers.


On Sunday 19th November Nigel, Maurice, Richard, Jim, Neil & Mike (6) did a detailed survey of the area around Walberswick river walls following all the recent Environment Agency works. We were generally pleased with the path improvements, and a new section of SCC boardwalk. We added and corrected a number of waymarker and open access indicators whilst on site. It was also noted that there are a number of discrepancies where the actual path on the ground is not exactly on the definitive line as shown on the map. These are not considered to be a major problem as paths are clear and available, but the details have been reported back to SCC

On a sunny Sunday morning 23rd October, despAite a disappointing turnout, Jim and Nigel (2) did a survey of Knodishall common area and the recently completed diversion package around Knodishall. We identified a number of locations that would benefit from additional waymarking, which we have logged for a possible spring evening working party.

On Saturday 24th September Maurice, Richard and Nigel (3) did a thorough survey around the Sudbourne wood area. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there had been a substantial amount of clearance done on some of the wooded paths, and although one was still not cleared on the correct line, most paths were waymarked and relatively easy to use.

On Wednesday 7th September Graham, David, Neil and Nigel (4) met for the last summer evening session to re-survey problems around Badingham 12 & 13, and add 3 new waymarker posts. Regrettably we found some things to be even worse with new electric fences in abundance, and a detailed complaint has been made to SCC.

On Thursday 18th August Nigel, Richard, Maurice and John (4) met to refresh waymarking, do some light clearing, and install 3 replacement posts around Kelsale and north of Saxmundham. Unfortunately we were rained off, and so the work will now be finished off by SCC volunteers.

On Saturday 30th July - Nigel, Jim, David, Richard, Maurice and Neil (6) did a survey of the area north of Campsea Ashe. This included 2 conservation walks areas, which were well maintained, but needed notices replacing, and Defra have been written to. Most paths were quite good, but some crossfield paths were not well marked, and two were on the wrong line, and we also found a few waymarker posts wrong or missing. Some substantial gap clearing was done on the way round in a few locations, but there were no real obstructions found. We also looked at a diversion proposal for BR17 off ash Road in Lower Hacheston.



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Tuesday 15 September.  Nigel, David E, Jim, Mike, David H and Graham H did some clearing and waymarking repairs in Bredfield in the area to the west of the Church.  A good session which included erecting 7 new posts and two major sleeper bridge/hedge clearance jobs.


Tuesday 15 September.  Nigel, David E, Jim, Mike, David H and Graham H did some clearing and waymarking repairs in Bredfield in the area to the west of the Church.  A good session which included erecting 7 new posts and two major sleeper bridge/hedge clearance jobs.



Tuesday 15 September.  Nigel, David E, Jim, Mike, David H and Graham H did some clearing and waymarking repairs in Bredfield in the area to the west of the Church.  A good session which included erecting 7 new posts and two major sleeper bridge/hedge clearance jobs.


Tuesday 15 September.  Nigel, David E, Jim, Mike, David H and Graham H did some clearing and waymarking repairs in Bredfield in the area to the west of the Church.  A good session which included erecting 7 new posts and two major sleeper bridge/hedge clearance jobs.